Safety Protocol

IME Vehicles’ Safety Protocol outlines key practices for the safe operation and maintenance of their EVs. It includes guidelines on proper charging, battery care, and power quality, along with essential maintenance tips and emergency response procedures. This protocol underlines IME’s dedication to customer safety and the longevity of their vehicles.

Proper Charging Protocol

Do's and Recommended

Don'ts and Avoid

Battery Storage Protocol

Do's and Recommended

Don'ts and Avoid

Power Quality Protocol

Do's and Recommended

Don'ts and Avoid

Basic Maintenance

  • Keep metal tools and other metallic objects away from batteries.
  • For cleaning the battery surface always use a moist cotton cloth only. Never use a woollen/silk or synthetic cloth, as it can create a spark.

Accidental Release Measures

In case of electrolyte leakage from the battery

  • Take up with absorbent cloth, treat cloth as inflammable. Move the battery away from the fire

Explore Control

First AID Measures

Firefighting Measures

Fire extinguishing agent Extinguishing method

Powder-coated extinguisher and DRY SAND ARE EFFECTIVE. Since vapor generated from burning batteries may make eyes, nose and throat irritates, be sure to extinguish the fire on the windward side. Wear the respiratory protection equipment in some cases.

Critical Dont's Protocol

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