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Innovation in Mobility

IME Vehicles Features

State of the art, Elegance & Presumptuously urban, Build for the city life & its Hustle & Bustle.

IME is one of the Fastest Growing EV Vehicles Brand in India

IME stands out in India’s EV sector with its innovative, eco-friendly range like Rapid, Surge, Rider, and Blade. Catering to urban needs, these vehicles offer efficient performance, quick charging, and lightweight designs. With a growing presence in over 100 cities and an expanding dealership network, IME is a key player in driving India’s sustainable mobility future.

Complete Support for Setup and Empowering With Sales and Services

IME Vehicles offers unparalleled support for business setup and growth, focusing on sales and service excellence. We provide specialized training and resources to optimize your operations, ensuring a seamless integration of our innovative EV products into your business. Our dedicated team is committed to your success, offering tailored strategies to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Partner with IME for a sustainable business model in the dynamic EV market.

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Hassle-Free Dealership

Warranty & Services

IME Vehicles offers a comprehensive warranty and services policy, ensuring customer satisfaction and vehicle reliability. The warranty covers essential components like the battery, motor, controller, and charger, with specific terms varying by model. Customers benefit from free and paid services, reinforcing IME’s commitment to quality and support.

Road Side Assistance

IME Vehicles’ Roadside Assistance program offers a reliable safety net for customers across India, addressing a range of common vehicular issues. This service includes assistance for minor repairs and battery-related problems, ensuring you’re never stranded. Our team is committed to providing prompt and effective solutions, enhancing your driving experience with peace of mind.

Safety Protocol

IME Vehicles’ Safety Protocol outlines key practices for the safe operation and maintenance of their EVs. It includes guidelines on proper charging, battery care, and power quality, along with essential maintenance tips and emergency response procedures. This protocol underlines IME’s dedication to customer safety and the longevity of their vehicles.

Our Support

IME Vehicles redefines urban transport with its state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly EV lineup. Their growing presence in India underscores a commitment to making advanced EV technology accessible. Dedicated to empowering businesses in the EV arena, IME provides specialized training and resources, ensuring customer engagement and market success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IME Vehicles is renowned for being a trusted name in the Electric Scooter Business since 2016, manufacturing high-quality electric vehicles with a commitment to excellence.

IME’s electric bikes are designed for speed enthusiasts, blending advanced technology with aerodynamic design for an exhilarating and efficient urban commuting experience.

Yes, IME Vehicles provides a comprehensive warranty covering essential components such as the battery, motor, controller, and charger. Specific terms may vary by model.

IME is dedicated to empowering businesses in the EV arena by offering specialized training and resources, ensuring customer engagement, and providing market success strategies.

IME aims to revolutionize mobility in India by leading the transition to eco-friendly, high-performance electric vehicles, enhancing urban life, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

IME electric scooters are known for their innovation, reliability, and affordability. They are manufactured with the highest quality spare parts and provide excellent customer service.

IME is committed to bringing greener energy solutions to its vehicles, addressing the environmental impact of oil and gas-driven vehicles and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Yes, IME’s electric bikes are tailored for urban commuting, offering a perfect blend of speed, efficiency, and aerodynamic design. They are ideal for thrill-seekers in urban environments.

IME prioritizes customer satisfaction through exceptional customer service, providing reliable electric vehicles, and a strong commitment to driving products towards excellence and perfection.

IME aspires to expand its presence as a trailblazer in the Indian electric vehicle market, delivering innovative and reliable electric vehicles while influencing the industry’s direction.

innovation in mobility

IME is part of InnovME group, which is founded on the concept of tier one innovative products & quality service at a competitive price.