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IME leads India’s EV sector with its innovative and eco-friendly vehicles like Rapid, Surge, Rider, and Blade. Designed for urban needs, these cars offer efficient performance and quick charging. With a presence in 100+ cities and a growing dealership network, IME is a key player in India’s sustainable mobility future.

Why You Must Partner With IME

InnovME products are designed better than other similar vehicles being currently sold in the Indian markets. We are testing & incorporating majority of Indian components—thus making it “Make in India”. InnovME has gained exclusive designs & patents — exclusive rights for India. All the vehicles can be easily charged at home which makes it the best choice among the consumers. The demand for Electric Scooters and Bikes is going to rise tremendously as the Government is pushing its Policies favouring the Environment. All IME Vehicles are designed for maximum Life Cycle Proposition.

IME is one of the Fastest Growing EV Vehicles Brand in India

IME stands out in India’s EV sector with its innovative, eco-friendly range like Rapid, Surge, Rider, and Blade. Catering to urban needs, these vehicles offer efficient performance, quick charging, and lightweight designs. With a growing presence in over 100 cities and an expanding dealership network, IME is a key player in driving India’s sustainable mobility future.

Complete Support for Setup and Empowering With Sales and Services

IME Vehicles offers unparalleled support for business setup and growth, focusing on sales and service excellence. We provide specialized training and resources to optimize your operations, ensuring a seamless integration of our innovative EV products into your business. Our dedicated team is committed to your success, offering tailored strategies to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Partner with IME for a sustainable business model in the dynamic EV market.

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IME is part of InnovME group, which is founded on the concept of tier one innovative products & quality service at a competitive price.